• Jordan Welsh

CORE 🚴‍♂️🏋️‍♀️💪🏻

Core can be one of those areas very much neglected or the "6 pack" look is what people desire.....

Having a good solid inner core helps with many areas of athletic performance and every session should incorporate some sort or core specific exercise.

1) stability - moving in all planes of movements occurs in most sports so being able to keep your bort stable and performance skills/techniques can be vitally important

2) Efficiency - using your core efficiently has been shown to improve power efforts such as sprint cycling and rotational movements such shown in field Hockey

3) Power - as mentioned, being able to use your core effectively such as a slap shot

4) injury prevention - exercises like the squat use core muscles to allow the torso to keep an upright posture and keep the bar path in a straight line. With poor core, positions in a typical exercise such as the squat can be compromised. Additionally, a forward in rugby must have exceptional core to cope with the demands of a scrum and avoid any injuries from this collapsing

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